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MaximEyes 6.1 Installation Instructions

Here are the quick installation instructions for those who want to do it yourself and does not have support contract –

– First Insight Corp should provide you with at least 4 CDs

1. FileMaker Server 5.5

2. File Make Pro 6

3. maximEyes 6.1 Server

4. maximEyes 6.1 Workstation

Server side you will need the first 3 CDs.  Workstation installation needs the 4th CD.

Server Installation –

1. Install File Make Server 5.5.  You will need the Server License code

2. Install File Make Pro 6.  You will need the FM Pro License code

3. Install maximEyes 6.1 server.  You will need the customer logon credentials.  This is a bit tricky, you need to have this to install the server software.

If you are upgrading the server hardware and installing this on a new system, after installation, you will need to move the MaximEyes folder to the c:\ drive from the old system to the new system.  This will move all the data and credentials to the new server.

Please note, if there is a hardware change and the application is loaded on another system, make sure the new system is named exactly the same as the old ones or few files will not work.



IT support LAN/DSL setup PC support

HP Micro Server ordering

HP Micro Server comes with 2G RAM and 250G Hard Drive.  If you are installing a 32 bit server and you want more RAM, order only upto 4G of total RAM [ie 2G in addition].  32-bit OS can recognize upto 4G of RAM only.  Dont fall in the trap of sales person trying to sell you more memory.  32-bit OS will not recognize memory more than 4Gig.

HP Micro Server does not come with a SATA DVD RW ROM.  If you need it, order it while ordering with the system or you can go to Fry’s and get a SATA DVD RW ROM.  Note, you have to buy a SATA DVD ROM, others will not work.  In addition to the drive, you will also need two extra cables – SATA Data Cable and SATA power cable.  SATA power cable will convert the SATA power interface on the drive to regular power interface on Mirco Server.  SATA Data cable will connect to SATA interface on mother board.  Buy around 24inch-36inch long SATA Data cable and a very short ~5 inch SATA power cable.  Both the cables are available in Fry’s.


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HP Micro Server – Loading XP and drivers

Loading XP on HP Micro Server –

Recommended on this system is Microsoft Server but you can load XP on this and use as a fileserver for small office who do not want to spend too much money upgrading on the server system but at the same time keep the clients as is. Also, small offices dont have to buy expensive server license.

Load XP Pro on the server is easy, same standard steps.
– During installation, XP might not identify the HD correctly.
– XP will not be able to format the drivce
– XP selects the drive as SATA
– Fix: press F12 during boot, go to ROM settings and change the Drive type to IDE
– Also note, the boot from option is CD as the first option

After this, the installation is a smooth process. After the installation is done, network card does not work. XP does not have the driver for the card on Mirco Server.

Driver for Network Card on Micro Server –
– Micro Server uses Broadcom NIC card – 1GbE NC107i
– Broadcom does not support this card on XP
– Use the old driver for this card
– Driver available on Broadcom’s site –
– Ethernet NIC NetXtream Server Drive Downloads
– Driver version for XP 32 bit –
– Download the zip file, unzip it, go to Device Manager, Select Update Driver and point it to the location where you unzipped the files.
– Microserver should recognize your NIC card now



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