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Data and Email Backup Support

Backing up your important data is important and more important is backing it up daily.
One of most important thing to backup is data
1. Recovery from disk failure:
Hard disk failures are part and parcel of IT. It occurs when least expected:)
One of the easiest ways to recover from it is to have a RAID disk installed on the machines
RAID disk will make 2 copies of the same data. A 3TB RAID disk will cost about $100 to $300 depending on what you buy.
If the one hard drive fails due to hardware issues, the RAID disk will make it easy to swap and be online in 10 mins.
RAID does not take care of data corruption/Virus/Power surge disk failure – these are data dependent and will corrupt both the disks at the same time.
In such a situation, you need to have the data stored on another disk- you could do a disk dump every night and hence you will lose only one days worth of data at the max. Important thing is to make sure the backup runs daily.

2. Back-up script
The script can be written with the following in mind:
a. The backup can go to an external drive which needs to be plugged into the system.
To make it easy to plug in and plug we can probably make it go over a wireless docking station so that it is easy.
b. Create a folder on the machine that syncs with BOX and it will automatically sync the backups with your BOX account.
c. Another script to do a complete backup weekly.
d. Script notify via email/text once the backups have completed.

3. Securing emails using gmail
Gmail provides a free (not exactly free because google knowa all the data and you pay by sharing your information with google!) and an easy way to backup your emails.

There are many ways to secure your data and we can help. Call us and find out about simple solutions that can make your data secure and easy to backup so that your office runs 24X7

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MaximEyes 6.1 Installation Instructions

Here are the quick installation instructions for those who want to do it yourself and does not have support contract –

– First Insight Corp should provide you with at least 4 CDs

1. FileMaker Server 5.5

2. File Make Pro 6

3. maximEyes 6.1 Server

4. maximEyes 6.1 Workstation

Server side you will need the first 3 CDs.  Workstation installation needs the 4th CD.

Server Installation –

1. Install File Make Server 5.5.  You will need the Server License code

2. Install File Make Pro 6.  You will need the FM Pro License code

3. Install maximEyes 6.1 server.  You will need the customer logon credentials.  This is a bit tricky, you need to have this to install the server software.

If you are upgrading the server hardware and installing this on a new system, after installation, you will need to move the MaximEyes folder to the c:\ drive from the old system to the new system.  This will move all the data and credentials to the new server.

Please note, if there is a hardware change and the application is loaded on another system, make sure the new system is named exactly the same as the old ones or few files will not work.