Looking for experts to get your Website up and running ? Looking for experts to fix all your home and office networking needs. With over 20 years of experience in website development, network installation and support we can fix all your networking needs within your budget. We have cheap IT solutions for Startup business. You […]


Certifications – Supplier Clearing house WMBE certification

We have been certified by Supplier Clearing house as a Women Owned/Minority Owned Small Business Enterprise What does WMBE mean? From Supplier Clearing House … “Women, minority, LGBT, and disabled veteran-owned businesses are invited to join our supplier diversity program. The Supplier Clearinghouse certifies these firms and publishes a directory for use by participating utility […]

Java code to get all your urls to make a sitemap

This java program uses some already existing libraries to copy files. The logic is to parse the website and to extract all the URLs and visit them recursively until all of the links have been visited. Sometimes we have links to external websites on our pages and so we scan only the webpages that have […]

Java code to get all pictures from your facebook page

Facebook does allow a individual user to zip and download all pictures that he or she has ever uploaded. If you are a business user then you do not have that ability. If you are an individual and would like to download all your friends pictures and the pictures that you have been tagged in […]

Responsive Web Design

We design keeping in mind all devices i.e Use of technologies that work across all platforms The design starts with an idea and then is developed so as to look beautiful and welcoming on all devices.

Website design using open source technologies

We specialize in developing websites using open source CMS technologies like WordPress Joomla OScommerce We have in-house expert WordPress developers who have installed and maintained sites for many years. We can customize your business theme as you want it to be and make it Search engine and user friendly. Our designed websites are hosted in […]

SEO services

SEO – Search engine optimization Advertising your business online is expensive! Whatever be your business, if you are paying for adwords, it bites into your profit and it usually is a big chunk of it. There are simple things that can get your ranking a boost and get you organic search traffic. That is free….. […]

Data and Email Backup Support

Backing up your important data is important and more important is backing it up daily. One of most important thing to backup is data 1. Recovery from disk failure: Hard disk failures are part and parcel of IT. It occurs when least expected:) One of the easiest ways to recover from it is to have […]

MaximEyes 6.1 Installation Instructions

Here are the quick installation instructions for those who want to do it yourself and does not have support contract – – First Insight Corp should provide you with at least 4 CDs 1. FileMaker Server 5.5 2. File Make Pro 6 3. maximEyes 6.1 Server 4. maximEyes 6.1 Workstation Server side you will need […]

HP Micro Server ordering

HP Micro Server comes with 2G RAM and 250G Hard Drive.  If you are installing a 32 bit server and you want more RAM, order only upto 4G of total RAM [ie 2G in addition].  32-bit OS can recognize upto 4G of RAM only.  Dont fall in the trap of sales person trying to sell […]

HP Micro Server – Loading XP and drivers

Loading XP on HP Micro Server – Recommended on this system is Microsoft Server but you can load XP on this and use as a fileserver for small office who do not want to spend too much money upgrading on the server system but at the same time keep the clients as is. Also, small […]